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Automatic Watering

Our Aquamatic system offers the operator a quick and safe way of carrying out a notoriously slow and dirty job.

Automatic Watering


Aquamatic fills an average 24 cell battery in around 1 to 1.5 minutes. This frees the operator to return to his duties and so repays the initial cost of Aquamatic in a matter of months.


Connection is made by quick connecting coupling. This is the only contact the operator needs to have with the battery.


Aquamatic is designed to last the life of a traction battery. No maintenace is required to ensure the topping to the correct level time and time again.



It is not desirable that an operator should be handling corrosive substances, particularly looking into a container filled with dilute acid whilst filling it. Aquamatic makes the necessary topping operation safe and more than fulfils your obligations under health and safety law.


A rugged, reliable fish eye indicates when the cell is filled before automatically disconnecting itself from the water supply. At a glance, cells using excessive amounts of water can be identified and reported before failure.

A hydrometer inspection port is built into the Aquamatic cap.


Should damage occur to your Aquamatic system, parts are available off the shelf. Replacement of a float assembly can literally be completed in seconds.


Aquamatic can be fitted or retro-fitted to any manufacturer's batteries. It will work with pressure systems supplied by most manufacturers but at a fraction of their cost.


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